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Anne With An E: Are There Any Plans For Revival

A beautiful story about a young girl in her adolescent days, the titular character, Anne who is adopted by a couple but is not accepted by her fellow siblings and constantly bullied giving her an abusive youthhood, the web drama titled Anne With An E has mesmerized the audiences quite deeply with the show.

The show is a slap on the faces of bullying, racism, and exploitation and delivers the message through the eyes and actions of the young Anne, which has gone along well with the viewers.

Renewal Status Of Anne With An E

The show has released three seasons till now, with the third installment launched in November 2019. It is available on both CBC as well as Netflix and has a good number of viewership. Of course, the fans are wanting to get updated about the dropping down of season four and want to get further news on the same.

Anne With an E'
Source: Pacific Standard

However, it is unfortunate to inform you that the makers have canceled the show for further more seasons as they think that the play should not be carried further and it is enough and satisfactory to conclude it. This news, however, did not go along well with the loyal viewers and resulted in protests on various social media platforms. The third season got a happy ending, and it concluded, but it did not satisfy the viewers and hence were waiting for a new season to come by.

Star Cast Of Anne With An E TV Show

The show stars;

  • Amybeth McNulty,
  • Lucas Jade Zumann,
  • R Thompson,
  • Geraldine James and other supporting artists.

What Is Show All About?

The show is actually an adaptation of the creation of a book titled Anne Of Green Gables written by Lucy Maud. This holds for a good potential to carry on the show further since the story is available for the Canadian drama. But of course, the final decision lies in the hands of the online streaming giant and the makers and we could do nothing but only hope that the show gets a renewal in the future.

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