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Angelina Jolie: She Feels Brad Pitt Separation Was The Best

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt surprised fans around the world. However, the actress is now making it clear that she is abandoning her marriage and putting her children first. At the time, we didn’t know much, other than Jolie’s attorney’s statement: “This decision was made by the family’s health.

She Feels Brad Pitt Separation Was The Best!!!

Jolie spoke about her decision to divorce Pitt in an interview with Vogue. “I parted ways for the sake of my family. According to her separation of Brad was the right decision. I’m still focusing on his treatment,” said the actor. Jolie and Pitt met in 2004 during Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s shooting.Angelina Jolie Explains Why She Filed for Divorce From Brad Pitt


After nearly four years of shaking with the news in the world of celebrity gossip, Pitt has an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, and Jolie directed a few more movies. And, apparently, four years is little more than an ambiguous statement, provided by a lawyer to the public. The Oscar winner was asked how she would create “a healthy environment” for her six children in the midst of a high-profile division. Jolie replied, “I parted for the sake of my family. Jolie often can’t talk about her divorce, but she’s been open about it lately.

They share six children together!!

“It was complicated, I no longer recognized myself, and I would become, as I say. I was deeply saddened, I was hurt. On the other hand, this humility and the feeling of triviality. And besides, she was dealing with some health problems. I had to regain joy. ” After a long and complicated divorce process, Pitt and Jolie reportedly reach a solid relationship. Their child custody hours have made a huge difference to the entire family. The hours have been reduced, respectively.

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