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Andy Park Reveals That Ant-Man And Other MCU Characters Will Get A New Costume

Andy Park, head of Marvel video development, says characters in most MCU movies get a new suit, so Ant-Man and the Wasp can get upgrades.

Marvel Movies Characters will get new costume

Marvel artists are suggesting that Ant-Man and Wasp get new costumes in the imminent Ant-Man three movie. Although Ant-Man 3 was not originally enslaved for Marvel Phase Four, the authorities supported the decision; At the moment, the film appears to be scheduled for a 2024 release, though no official announcement has been made about it

Reed will work with Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly, who will come back with Ant-Man 3 as Scott Lang and Hope PIM respectively. Reid pointed out in an interview with SiriusXM that he has been working on Ant-Man 3 for the past few months, noting that Scott Lang’s thrill in the film is “more [and] more scattered than contemporary viewers” “It will happen.

Marvel artist Andy Park reveals inspirations behind the Avengers' costumes

Image Source: Syfy Wire

Production Cost In Designing The New Outfit

Reed said in the past that Ant-Man 3 would spend more time in the quantum realm, a feature that breaks the laws of space and time. As a result, while Park refuses to reveal details about a possible new outfit for Ant-Man and Wasp, travelling more frequently to the quantum field would be the main reason to change familiar outfits. And the best answer from Fan is to confuse Wasp’s latest suit if Marvel wants to change it, which isn’t surprising.

Despite the long wait, however, the team seems to be working around the clock to make sure Ant-Man 3 is as inexperienced as any other Marvel movie, from its making to all final costs. There is a heartfelt story to refine the expansion.

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