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Amber Heard Is Now Accused Of Body Shaming Johnny Depp

Well, it looks like the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard court dispute controversy is not going to die soon, and the latest announcement puts you in an even more difficult situation.

The life of the Pirates of the Caribbean star turned upside down. In fact, if it were it wasn’t for JK Rowling’s support for Depp to play Grindelwald in the Fantastic Beast franchise, the actor’s career will inevitably stop. Fortunately, the new multibillion-dollar defamation lawsuit against Heard has dispelled many of our misconceptions about her short-lived and troublesome marriage.

Depp EX-WIFE Amber is now accused of Body-Shaming!!

The actress is now in a difficult position, such as after physically and emotionally humiliating Depp in a leaked audio clip, fans of fans in the internet campaign against Heard and asking Hollywood to blacklist her. Has decided. Additionally, many celebrities have stepped up Depp’s defence, some have even gone so far as to testify in court.

Amber Heard slammed for body-shaming Johnny Depp as fans say he ...


Now, an official announcement from Tara Roberts, one of Depp’s property managers, details an incident in which Heard brutally fired her husband and jeopardized her career. As written in the document that  She was insulting her, naming her and in the midst of this attack she specifically heard her say that Depp career is over. No one is going to hire Depp and he will shout even those things that were incomprehensible.

Depp revealed why he wants to get away from Amber!!

Roberts noted that he had no personal contact with Heard, but Depp told her in 2015 that he needed to get away from Amber. Soon after, he said the fight, during which Depp was heard saying leave me alone as his wife continued to abuse him. In the end, the London Fields actress reportedly threw out her husband and the fight turned physical.

With all the evidence accumulated against Heard, the actress could lose her role at DCEU, not to mention other possibilities for a future career in Hollywood. And for these latest Johnny Depps allegations, well, we’ll have to wait and see how Heard’s attorneys interpret the allegations.

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