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Altered Carbon Star Is Not Surprised By Cancellation Of The Show

The stars of Altered Carbon are not surprised by the cancellation of the show! What can the fans expect? What are the recent updates? Here is everything you should know!

The stars of Altered Carbon are not surprised by the cancellation of the show!

Altered Carbon is a sci-fi series that managed to run for at least two seasons. Ultimately, it appears that Netflix was trying to cut its generous spending, even in a year in which it promised to cut nearly $ 20 billion in original content. Altered Carbon was rumored to cost between $ 7 million and $ 10 million per episode.

Altered Carbon' Renewed for Season 2 With New Star Anthony Mackie |  Hollywood Reporter
Source: Hollywood Reporter

Netflix’s standards for the first season were very low on viewership, plus only 1.2 million people reviewed it in the first three days and the fact that the company never released data for the next batch of episodes.

In a recent interview, season 1 star Joel Kinnaman admitted that he was disappointed to see Aljane Carbone dusting off, but from his comments, it appears he was fully aware that the audience wasn’t just creating a viable product. There were rumors to see if any other company was willing to pay the bill, to see if anyone was concerned about Netflix’s budget.

Altered Carbon was canceled after two seasons!

Altered Carbon was produced by Lata Kalogridis, based on the 2002 novel by English author Richard K. Morgan. The show assassinates Takeshi Kovacs, a former soldier-turned-investigator (Joel Kinnaman in season 1, Anthony McKenzie in season 2), who solves a murder in a world where consciousness can transfer to different bodies.

The company canceled by Netflix and I do not agree with this soon the cancellation of the converted carbon comes. Although Netflix executives were happy with the show’s performance, uncertainty around production dates and budgets contributed to the cancellation of the coronavirus epidemic.

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