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Alabama Couple Accused Of Torturing And Physically Abusing A Young Boy

An Alabama man and lady were captured toward the end of last month and accused of physical mishandling a little fellow, the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office said.

Accused and there charges-

Amy Nicole Lovell, 29, and Justin Anthony Jeffries, 26, have been accused of disturbing kid misuse, physical torment, physical maltreatment of a youngster younger than 12, and attack. Jeffries has an extra check of physical maltreatment of a kid younger than 12.

Jeffries, who fled to Oregon and was captured there, was out on bond in the wake of being accused of four checks of physical maltreatment of a youngster including an alternate casualty, announced. His bond was renounced in those cases.

In its announcement, the sheriff’s office wouldn’t discharge additional data about the case “because of the realistic idea of the wrongdoing and the wrongdoing including a youngster.”

Media reports referring to court reports said

The kid was explicitly manhandled and tormented with a lifeless thing, and his privates were cut with a blade.

Lovell has been discharged on bond.

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