Agent Carter Season 3: Check All The Possibilities Of New Season Of MCU Series

Marvel’s series based on Peggy Carter aired on the television for two seasons. The show aired on the ABC network. Agent Carter created a huge fan base for itself. The last episode of the show aired on March 1, 2016. The fans have been demanding a season 3 of Agent Carter ever since.

Has Agent Carter Been Renewed For Season 3?

ABC network canceled the show on May 12, 2016. The show received a positive critical response. But, its viewership fell. It has been reported that Marvel Studios did not want the show to end so soon. Once the show was canceled, fans of the show began an online petition to revive the show again. ABC network is not renewing Agent Carter for a third season.

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A Third Season Was Planned

The third season of Agent Carter was being planned before the show was abruptly canceled by the network. The last episode of season 2 of the show hinted on a possible third season.

What Would Have Happened In Season 3?

If a third season would have happened it would have explored the past of Peggy Carter. Her family would have featured in season 3. The focus would have been on Peggy’s brother Michael. Michael would have been shown alive and involved in some super villainous work. The season would have also explored the assassination attempt on Thompson.

Hayley Atwell Opens Up About Why Agent Carter Was Cancelled


What Was The Storyline Of Agent Carter?

The show follows the life of Peggy Carter. Peggy works for the Strategic Scientific Reserve in New York. On the sidelines, she is helping Howard Stark. Stark has been accused of providing weapons to the USA’s enemies. With the help of Jarvis, Peggy tries to clear Howard’s name. Carter later moves to Los Angeles. There she works on a new mission and builds a new life for herself.

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The Cast Of Agent Carter

Actress Hayley Atwell was cast as Peggy Carter in the show. Peggy had appeared in the Captain America movie too. James D’Arcy was cast as the butler named Edwin Jarvis. Chad Michael Murry was cast as Jack Thompson. Enver Gjokaj was roped in to portray the character of an SSR agent named Daniel Sousa. Shea Whigham was cast as the SSR chief Roger Dooley.

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