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After Marshmello, Travis Scott Performed Live In Fortnite

If you can say one thing about the live events of Fortnite, it is that they are getting more competitive. Every new occurrence is more complicated than last, from the initial rocket launch to the Mech vs. Kaiju war, to the black hole that washed away the world. Now we may assume that the same applies to the concerts.

Virtual Concerts

The Marshmello show last year was an exciting, interactive example of a virtual concert. Travis Scott’s success this week blew it out of the water.

Since last weekend, Epic had set the stage for the concert – literally. In the last few days, players could see a stage at the Sweaty Sands Beach being established, and the days went up. There was a black stage on the top of the water, and Travis Scott is going to it with some gold inflatables.

Travis Scott Live Concert

As was the case for previous games, the pre-show was a bloodbath, and players killed each other for a while. Once it began, players could see on a circular screen a mysterious planet-like object moving towards them; when it got close enough, everything blew up, and the game started well.

The entire island of Fortnite was the level. A giant Scott stomped around the island during the opening song, while players could run through the waters and have a glimpse. When the sounds changed, the graphics changed. All was fiery at one stage, and Scott became a cyborg; later, it looked like everyone was carrying to Tron. When “the highest in the world” came on, the crowd and a massive spaceman were submerged underwater. Rollercoasters and psychedelic effects were present, and the end players traveled across the world literally.