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Actor Mark Blum Dies Of Coronavirus, Here’s A Look At His Immortal Acting Career

Mark Blum died of coronavirus complications actor in ‘Desperately Seeking Susan’ and ‘You.’


According to a statement issued by the Screen Actors Guild, Mark Blum, a scene veteran known for movies including “Desperately Seeking Susan” and “Crocodile Dundee,” died of complications from Covid-19.

History of the actor and about his immortal acting career:

Blum was 69 years old. Although he was perhaps best known for the 1985 film “Desperately Seeking Susan,” in which he starred opposite Rosanna Arquette and Madonna, after which he recently appeared in the HBO series “Succession,” the Netflix drama “You. He appeared in roles for secondary television “Mozart in the jungle” in Amazon Prime Show. It was a staple in the New York theater community, frequently appearing on Broadway, including the revival of “Twelve Angry Men,” although it appeared more frequently than Broadway.
Blum was a regular player at Playwrights Horizons, an off-Broadway theater in New York. The company remembered him on Twitter.

The theater company tweeted this; you can view it in the picture just above-

Rebecca Damon, New York executive vice president and president of the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA), said Blum was a “tireless advocate” for other artists.

Second coronavirus death is hitting New York’s theater community:

His death related to at least the other coronavirus is rocking New York’s theater community. Earlier this week, members mourned the loss of award-winning playwright Tony Terence McNeely, who died of 81 years of complications from the coronavirus.

“I always appreciated Mark’s clear belief in complex situations,” said Blum, a former SAG-AFTRA board member. Actress and former New York gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon called her performance “equally profound, subtle, hilarious, and equally poignant.”

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