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A Reboot Film Of Nutty Professor In The Development At Project X

Well, a new reboot of the classic comedy The Nutty Professor is in the works. According to Deadline, the project is led by Project X Entertainment, the label responsible for the upcoming Scream 5. There is no name associated with the writing, direct or starring, in this remake of the Jerry Lewis comedy. 

The Nutty Professor began in 1963 as a comedy written, directed, and performed by Jerry Lewis. After positive reviews and a $ 19 million box office launch, The Nutty Professor was created in 1996 as Eddie Murphy’s vehicle of the same name. This update to the original comedy grossed $ 274 million in its theatrical release and created the sequel to Nutty Professor II: The Clumps.

Nutty Professor In The Development At Project X

Jerry Lewis’ original comedy also titled Save the Nutty Professor for the 2008 direct-to-video sequel, the franchise has This new Project Nutri Professor from Project X Entertainment closes that height. Starring Eddie Murphy, Jada Pinkett-Smith, James Coburn, and Dave Chappell, the 1996 incarnation of The Nutty Professor is now available on digital Meanwhile, no release date has been set for Project X Entertainment’s latest Nutty Professor reboot. Almost every movie or TV show beloved since childhood has been rebooted recently, but how many franchises can you claim to have been rebooted twice?

The Nutty Professor Remake Coming From Scream Reboot Team – /Film


Other Updates?

Right now, Project X plans to gather its creative team internally before bringing it to the market. The writer and director have not yet been selected. In the original film, Lewis played a luckless scientist who wanted to improve his social reputation, so he drank a potion that temporarily cost him the beautiful and often obnoxious character.

Lewis played the role of The Nutty Professor in 1963 and Eddie Murphy starred in a 1996 movie reboot, as well as the 1996 reboot was successful by making over $ 273 million at the worldwide box office and cost around $ 54 million. Therefore, for more information regarding it stay connected with us, respectively.

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