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A Nova Project Is In The Works At Marvel, According To Reports

The Works At Marvel

Marvel Studios may be making Nova for his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut. According to the source the Daniel Richtman, a solo Nova project is in active development at Marvel studio. However, he did not specify whether the project will be a movie or a Disney studio series in the vein of Ms. Marvel or Moon Knight.

The artist Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios are presently developing a Nova solo project. Marvel Studios is providing up right now for it’s the most massive slate of productions in the franchise’s history. After the coronavirus getting delays have come to an end, hopefully in the near future, the Marvel Cinematic Universe will kick back into gear again with the theatrical announcement of Black Widow this November.

Nova Is Happening

Marvel Studios is in the early stages of planning a project focused around Nova. This could be either a solo movie or a TV program, while our source’s best bet is that it’s a movie in the MCU studio future slate for Phase 5 or later. However, there was no compelling confirmation, as it could be liquefied. Marvel studio head Kevin Feige is certainly listed as the sole producer, while no other talent is formally attached at moment.

Nova is a character that fans and supporters have been wanting in the MCU studio ever since the franchise went cosmic, and this is a huge level forward in bringing him to life no matter where he comes in. Ever since the Guardians of the Galaxy came into play six years ago, supporters have made their voices heard wanting Nova to join the fight. The Nova Corps was an important part of the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie, and it only seems right that they would bring in Richard Rider at some point during the series.

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