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A New Version Of Thor Will Be Seen IN Future MCU Movies!

A fresh, newly baked version of Thor will be seen in the upcoming project of Marvel Universe, which results in the emergence of a lot of questions.

Attention SPOILERS of the Marvel comic Thor #7

After the events where Thor gets in a battle with Black Winter and Galactus, the God of Thunder throws his hammer to Earth, where no one can pick up the mysterious weapon at first until an old mechanic comes in the story and becomes worthy of it.

After an epic battle, Black Winter showed Thor the future, where a Thanos wielded an Infinity Hammer. This means that the mad titan will bring death and destruction to him. The Donny Cates and Nic Klein comic with art by Aaron Kuder and colors by Matt Wilson slows the pace a bit, and we get to see the Marvel hero return back to Asgard and throw Mjolnir down to Earth.

The story begins in a small town in Broxton, Oklahoma, wherein Asgard’s new city, there used to be with an auto mechanic named Adam Aziz, who discovers Mjolnir after he crashes on Earth. 

With the help of a raven, Thor informs Lady Sif about him throwing his hammer to Earth to test a long-lasting theory. After Thor tells Beta Ray Bill about his vision, Iron Mark comes to the rescue and tries to calm down the people witnessing that Adam, the mechanic, has lifted the hammer and transformed himself into a new Thor.

How Did The Mechanic Become Worthy Enough?

We ought to see in Thor #8 that something abnormal can be taking place with the hammer and that Adam won’t be the best human in Broxton who can lift it. Also, in Thor #9, Thor’s mortal form will return, that is, Donald Blake.

The hammer of our beloved ‘God of Thunder’ looks getting heavy for him and comparatively lighter for anyone else, this leads to him using Broxton as a testing ground just to examine the facts and calculate how much change the enchantment has had on Mjolnir. 

It’s quite surprising to see a regular mechanic pick up Mjolnir and become worthy. Will Adam stay that way? It’s doubtful. But, the cutscene shows that when it comes to being excellent, you don’t need to be Thor, the God of Thunder, to lift the hammer, at least for now.

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