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A Doom TV Series Is Reportedly On The Cards At Universal

Doom is a popular video game series and a media franchise. The video game is a hot property at the moment. It is hi-octane, demon-smashing, and heavy metal. The sequel of the popular video game, Doom Eternal released recently. Though the sequel did not receive much positive response, it is still popular amongst the fans of Doom.

From Video Game To A Movie

Lately, movies based on video games have been quite successful. It has been reported that Universal Studios is considering rebooting the popular video game franchise. Universal is planning a movie and a television show based on the video game.

Previous Doom Movies

Doom has been adapted into movies earlier. In 2005 a movie based on the game released. It was a box office failure. Recently,  Doom: Annihilation was released. This too doomed at the box office. The makers of the video games disassociated themselves from the movie. Now, Universal is planning to reboot the previously unsuccessful franchise.


The game’s story dates back to 1993. MS-DOS which now is an obsolete operating system was new to the world. The plot of the game is very simple and basic. John Carmack, the creator of the video game had once said that the story in the game is very basic. The story is expected to be there, but it’s not that important.

The movie is expected to be based on the planet Mars. It is overrun by demons from hell who urgently need a chainsaw to their faces. The movie should also put Doomslayer at the front and center.

It will interesting to see Doom set up in the modern world.



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