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A Docu-Series On Disastrous Woodstock ’99 In The Works At Netflix

A docu-series on disastrous Woodstock ’99 is in work at Netflix. What can the fans expect? What are the recent updates? Here’s everything we know!

Woodstock ’99 is in work at Netflix!

Netflix has developed a new documentary focusing on the disastrous Woodstock Music Festival ’99. For more than four days in July 1999, Woodstock ’99 was an event commemorating the 30th anniversary of the original iconic Woodstock festival, held in 1969 at Max Yasgur’s dairy farm in Bethel, New York. Woodstock ’99, which actually took place about 100 miles from the original site in Rome, New York, saw some 400,000 participants over the course of four days and was largely covered by MTV.

Netflix is going to Woodstock '99, unfortunately
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The last day of the festival saw candles intended to be used to light candles during the closing set of the Red Hot Chili Peppers Festival that was used in place of lighting bonfires, causing sections of a plywood fence to feed those without tickets. It is being used in And the chaos spread. Look at it as the last festival of the nineties, except it was actually a festival and things were very, very far away. Later, MTV host Kurt Lauder described USA Today as “like a concentration camp”.

What is Woodstock ’99 about?

Woodstock 99 which was held from July 22 to July 25 in the year 1999 was the second large-scale music festival to follow the original at previous Woodstock celebrations. The MTV cable community blanketed the live performance notably and stay insurance for the complete weekend become to be had on pay-per-view. The performance portions were later released on compact discs and DVDs.

In 1999, the media portrayed Woodstock as an accusation of environmental conditions, violence, sexual harassment, rape, robbery, and arson. The series will reportedly “tell the true story of how ‘three days of peace, love and music’ flowed into the flames.” The series will feature supposedly invisible archival footage, as well as testimonials from people who were part of Woodstock ’99, from behind the scenes and even from the crowd.

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