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5 Things That Make Justin Bieber’s Seasons A Must Watch

The first episode of Justin Bieber: Season was released on Youtube in January. The ten episodes documentary show chronicles the production of Justin Bieber’s’s first album in four years and provides a raw and special look into his process of producing new music.

The show explains the motivation for his new album revealed through the view of his closest friends, collaborators and Bieber himself. Here are the five things that every fan should watch the show:

The Series Promise To Reveal The Unshown Footage Of Justin And Hailey Wedding

Justin Bieber: Season also promises to show the never-before-seen video of his wedding to his wife, Hailey Bieber. The series will also reveal his day-to-day life alongside the people in his inner circle and his connection with family and friends.

Justin Bieber Grew Up In An Apartment Building

Justin Bieber states that he feels shy of the building he grew up in and he used to tell his friends ‘there’s a bowling alley down and stuff, but it’s’s booked up right now.’

The 25-year-old singer takes Hailey inside the building, and the couple looks at all the changes that have been made since he lived there.

Justin said that he lived in the building for around ten years, the 5-year0old singer tells the camera as he’s’s sitting on the front steps. He said that ‘It brings back a lot of memories.’

Justin Performance With Ariana Grande Motivated Him To Take Him Back To Music

Good, creative director/co-founder of Drew House, said that ‘There was a six-month time that was very tough for him. It was very dark. I noticed him in a lot of ways that just shattered my heart.’

Good explains that ‘This last year at Coachella when Ariana Grande was performing, she invited Justin Bieber to come up and do a song with her.’
‘Justin Bieber was going back and forth, whether it was the best time or not,’ Good says. ‘I believe Scooter Braun thought he should have this chance to go out on that stage so he could be recalled himself of who he is and what he does.’ Good said that it seemed like a ‘turning point’ for Justin Bieber.
That help Justin to return back to music again. This has been shown in the series, and you will have a good time watching the show.

Justin Want His Music To Help Other

In the first episode of the show, Viewers get to hear a bit of his new music while he’s’s in the vehicle with Hailey.

‘I believe what’s been hard over the years is a number of the times I would make music and it would be for me,’ Bieber said.

He said that when ‘the focus and the aim is about yourself, you manage to lose your determination in that.’

‘I believe the older that I get, the more I understand that I am not utilizing my ability for the right reasons. This is not about me,’ the 25-year-old pop singer said. ‘It’s’s about supporting someone who’s going through whatever they are going through and being capable of communicating about that thing.’

The 25-year-old singer said that he thinks that’s a ‘really great way to look at what I do.’

Hailey explains that she was around for some of the recordings of the Purpose album but ‘definitely not as closely.’

‘I like to observe him do what he’s’s so great at,’ she states as the two enter the studio together. ‘There’s a lot of stress and a lot of things on artists and musicians, especially that I believe people do not get to see because they are not around for the entire process.’

She said that since she does not work in the music industry, she has ‘a complete new respect for Justin Bieber as well as other singers who put their blood, sweat and tears into their work.’

Justin Share One-Name Of His Upcoming Song

In the second episode of the series, Justin Bieber heads to the studio to form a new song titled Running Over.

Fans also get to see Justin Bieber recording his hit single, Yummy.

Later in Episode 2 of the show, the 25-year-old pop singer is witnessed putting together a list of cue cards with song names and features on it. One of the cards reveals that he has a future song called Get Me featuring Kehlani.

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