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13-Year-Old Girl Dies After Giving Birth To Her Own Father’s Child Following Four Years Of Physical Abuse

Brazil’s authority revealed that a teen girl,13, who was physically molested by her father before four years died during delivery to his child.

On December 11, Luana Ketlen, who is a schoolgirl, died following she was confessed to hospital undergoing severe inside pains before medics found she was pregnant.

Doctors decided to produce labor and gave a baby boy who has endured before going to the girl to an expert care unit. She died.

The authority consequently gave a warrant for a 36-year-old father named Tome Faba, stating they consider he started molesting his daughter when she was nine years old.

A week later, the father escaped before being seized in the city of Coari. On December 27, He arrived in court for the first time charged with child abuse and murder.

The family of Faba, who live on the outskirts of Coari, tell they did not know about the misuse.

The teen was seven months pregnant when she was going to Coari local hospital facing hard pains. Doctors diagnosed her with severe anemia and determined to produce labor. She delivered a premature baby boy who miraculously remained.

But after delivery, the teen’s health condition became so bad. Luana died while being transported to a specialist hospital in Manaus, the Amazonas state capital.

‘The teenager lived with her parents in a rural area outside the city,’ Coari police chief, José Barradas told at a press conference,

Luana was influenced by an aunt to determine who the criminal was. But when the girl’s mother got the news, she denied believing her husband was the father of his daughter’s son.

Chief Barradas claimed that Faba scared to kill his daughter if she reported what was occurring.

‘Members of the family attempted to step in and protect the baby by alerting social services’, Barradas said.

‘They told the molestation to police, and a warrant was issued for Tome’s arrest but before it could be done Luana’s health worsened and she died soon after delivery’.

The case caused outrage in the society with many protesting outside the court throughout the criminal’s appearance. Social co-operation is still to decide whether relatives will be given guardianship of the infant boy.

When, police told the preterm ‘baby boy and is doing unusually well’ and growing in the hospital’s neonatal unit, following his traumatic birth. According to doctors, he is healthy and can survive.

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