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13 Reasons Why Season 5 Possibilities

Netflix originals, 13 Reasons Why was an instant hit as soon as it was launched on the online streaming platform. One reason also that it was able to attract the youngsters very much being set up in a high school. The fourth season of this fictional web drama got launched on June 5, 2024, and fans eventually started demanding a new season also.

Renewal Status Of 13 Reasons Why Season 5

No doubt, the show has been the first rated shows of the largest online streaming platform, and a must-watch suggestion for a new person. But unfortunately, the showrunner of the show has clearly stated that it won’t continue further, and season four was the finale one.

Reasons Behind Not Releasing 13 Reasons Why Season 5

It was very much evident since the students were shown as graduating and moving ahead in their lives to start a new chapter. And being a high school drama that released it each season on a yearly basis depicted a year each in the high school. And four seasons were more than enough to frame it with no further possibility to pull it.

13 Reasons Why
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Plot Of 13 Reasons Why TV Show

The show revolved around a girl Hannah who died by suicide. Still, she left a good pile of tapes and some recordings which showed a lot of events and acted, including her exposure to bullying, exploitation, ignorance by a lot of people, which led to taking her such a big decision.

13 Reasons Why: A Controversial And A Hit Show

However, the show was even tagged as one of the controversial ones since it had a very open depiction of committing suicide and sone other violent incidences. But despite it, the show remained on the top-notch, and the audiences accepted it with open arms. Indeed whatever begins has to end one day and the same is the case here.

We just knew the fact but did not want to accept it since our attachment with it got stronger. So till then let’s keep watching the earlier seasons and hope that Netflix comes up with a plan to renew it further.

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