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12-Year-Old Boy Playing With Friends Shot On Street As A Man Started Firing Shots Out Of A Car’S Window

Today, a 12-year-old victim has been shot in the street in a terror drive-by firing, according to a source.

When the boy shot in the firing then, the 12-year-old boy was taken to hospital following being burst in the leg in the Arbourthorne area of Sheffield this evening.

The victim stood with a group of adults while shooting

According to the information which is provided by the sources, an extreme probe has been launched for the gunman, and the police are requesting for bystanders.

The 12-year-old youngster was standing with a bunch of adults and other children when a motor appeared speeding down Errington Road, according to a source.

After that, the gunman appeared from the window and started shooting bullets into the group where the boy was also the part of that group, and the child was hit.

Police investigation

According to the details, the Detective Inspector Denise Booth stated: ‘Specialist deputies have been in the area this afternoon and evening, investigating the case and conversing to bystanders as we work to piece together the exact circumstances of this event, what pointed to it and to recognize those responsible.’

‘What we know so far is that the boy was with a group of other people, both kids, and adults, in the Errington Road area when a white car is stated to have driven past, firing shots out of the window.’

‘The vehicle left the area going towards East Bank Road.’

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