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The Best TV Series About Students

Every stage of life has its benefits and charms. College years are ultimately appreciated by those who manage to adjust to existing challenges and enjoy the time. While a significant number of people consider student years the happiest in their whole life, others remember abnormal academic loads, constant searches for opportunities to pay for essay writing, sleepless nights, and busy weekends. If you are not one from this category, you should be aware of the excellent choice of interesting and involving TV series about students and their routine. Just take your time to relax and enjoy every moment you spend watching the next episode.

Start from the mere entertainment, you are likely to benefit from other advantages offered by the series. Ultimate motivation and inspiration, call for action and other benefits may be gained from watching your favorite series. The only thing you need to do is to make the right choice and eliminate the risk of spending your time in vain. Deal with your homework, accomplish all the projects, and opt for the best movie that will be funny and entertaining.

Veronica Mars

Combining high school education with the job of a private investigator may be complicated but rewarding. Veronica Mars is a unique, intriguing, and involving TV series that tells the story of a young girl that attends college and reveals different types of local secrets and mysteries. Every new episode will impress you with fascinating details and thoughts that will not make you think, analyze, and investigate together with the main character.   


Despite the TV series is not new and the plot is quite simple, it has gained undeniable popularity among viewers. Every new episode depicts a different aspect of student life with its challenges and advantages. Do you want to experience the whole college life with its charms and disappointments? Undeclared is the TV series you need to see to get prepared.

The Inbetweeners

Don’t you have an idea of how the teenage boys feel at college? The Inbetweeners is the exact series you need to watch, as it tells about four students who face a diversity of life situations and challenges in college. Lad culture, male bonding, friendship, and misfortune with ladies are not the most significant troubles they have to cope with.

Gossip Girl

Several years ago, Gossip Girl was one of the most-watched and appreciated series around the world. The firm is based on the book series and showcases all the advantages and problems privileged students face. The story of the teenagers, who study in the private school is a so-called guide to an elite life, filled with luxury, pastry, gossip, and intrigues. Once you are sick and tired of searching for someone you can pay for an essay, you have an opportunity to immerse yourself into a completely different life.

How to Get Away with Murder?

The TV series features an impressive plot that will blow your mind. The story tells about a group of law school students and their professor, who have common secrets. While some students have committed a crime, others do their best to justify them, complete the course, and get the desired job. The show is not trivial, so it will be interesting for college students who like to think and view a single situation from different perspectives.


Unlike the vast majority of other college-related TV series, Clique is a thriller that tells a story of two girls that have been best friends from the very childhood. The paths of the girls grow apart, as they enter the same university, but get in different companies. The series shows all the aspects of college life starting from nighttime parties, dangers, and corruption.

Bad Education

There is nothing more complicated than being a new teacher in the class. Alfie Wickers, the main character of the story, helps people understand the challenges and problems the vast majority of young college teachers face as they first come to school.


The fantastic TV series Community gives a precious lesson, emphasizing on how a single lie can cause other, more significant problems. The main character of the show has lied not only about his education, but also his profession. As a result, he gets disbarred and suspended from the law firm he worked for. Thus, he has to go back to college and start working on a degree from the very beginning. Fun, interesting, and instructive TV series will not leave anyone indifferent.

Fresh Meat

As the title implies, the TV series is about young students who have just arrived at college. The story tells about six freshers who choose to live together off-campus. A comedy-drama depicts all the financial, emotional, and psychological problems students face during their college years. However, the series remains one of the most impressive and funny comedy-drama about trivial, real-life situations.

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