4 Ways to Tell Real From Fake Western Leather Recliners

Purchasing a new furnishing item for our home is always an exciting experience. The right furniture can change the entire vibe of your room. If you have been planning to buy a western leather recliner for quite a while now, then this informational article can assist you in differentiating between a real and fake leather recliner. Here are some of the ways by which you can accomplish this: 

1. Check the price and labels

It is always a good start to check the labels of the furniture you are purchasing to know about the materials that are used to make them. If it is made up of leather, then try to understand the type of leather used by reading its label. Tags are the most straightforward way to tell the difference between fake and real leather. Full-grain leather is one of the best and toughest leather and the recliners that are made of this material are usually more expensive than the others. 


2. Feel the leather by touching it

Another way to identify the real cowhide material is by doing a touch test. Usually fake leather feels very smooth when you touch it just like plastic. On the contrary, the real one will have a grainy structure in it and seems flexible. You will not be able to stretch the fake cowhide material whereas the real one is stretchable. Apart from this, if the material feels warm on touching it, then it’s real Western Style Leather Recliners and if it provides you a cool vibe, then it is a fake one. 

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3. Look at its appearance

Look carefully at the material to recognize markings found in real leather. Fat wrinkles and grain characteristics are the signs that it has been derived from animals. Fat wrinkles are defined as the real wrinkles in the calfskin brought about by the animal’s fat stores, and they offer extra aesthetic allure. Great quality cowhide is full-grain, meaning it’s colored with transparent aniline colors to hold the presence of the original grain.


4. Smelling the material:

You can likewise tell whether the recliner’s leather is genuine or fake by simply smelling it. Usually, the smell of genuine cowhide material is unique and ought to produce an appealing fragrance. Assuming the calfskin is natural, it should emit a more grounded or powerful smell than the one that went through mechanical processes such as polishing, coloring, or sanding. The unpleasant smell indicates that the cowhide material is fake and made up of various synthetic fibers.

Things to consider before buying a recliner

  • Examine your options carefully

Select a chair that will coordinate with the current decor of your house. If you are as of now scratching your head and are confused about which chair to purchase, then, at that point, you have to carefully examine all your options. You should think about purchasing a Leather Recliner Sofa. This is one of the best options. No other option could be more comfortable for you than this. 

  • Measure the space accurately

Measure cautiously to decide how much space you have for a recliner in your room. Remember that albeit the chair will invest a large portion of its time in the upstanding position you really want to ensure that there is satisfactory room for it to push back and lean back completely without bumping into the tables, walls or other lounge furniture. Also, there should be space for others to walk through the room if the seat is leaned back.

  • Price

Assuming you are confused between different comparable chairs, the cost might be the greatest driver for your final decision. Recliners are mostly more costly than a typical seat or couch – they are something beyond a seat and have added capacities that raise their cost. Along these lines, it is essential to lay out a strict financial plan before you start your shopping. If a recliner is made up of quality material and has extra features, it will be more expensive than the others. 

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  • Fabric Upholstery

Many individuals appreciate fabric recliners because they are comfortable. They can be made using cotton, velvet, chenille, or various other materials. Most of these fabrics are breathable and are excellent spots for relaxing. However, fabric chairs can get dirty easily and require more upkeep than cowhide chairs. Assuming you spill something, rush and get that spot removed because your costly recliner could be destroyed.

Benefits of using recliner chairs:

  • Improves blood circulation:

Because of standing or sitting for a longer period, our legs and feet can swell as the blood continues to flow in the downward course. Whenever you sit in a zero-gravity position by lifting your feet over the ground level, this blood course improves normally, and the body consequently gets relief.

  • Offers great support:

Assuming you have a few old people in your home, you’ve presumably thought about their requirements or needs. Recliners are demonstrated to be exceptionally helpful for older people as it gives them the assistance they probably won’t get from ordinary chairs. Senior residents at the age of 70-80 frequently experience the ill effects of being not able to get off a seat or some other thing. Recliners tackle this issue by helping them get off their seat easily. 

  • Mobility:

Another advantage is that when you attempt to get up from being trapped in a static position, you might find it challenging to walk. Assuming you’ve been in one position for quite a while, your legs get stiff. Walking with stiff joins is very tough. However, the recliner lessens this stiffness and helps in improving mobility.

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To Sum Up

If you haven’t had any experience purchasing leather furniture before, then it might be difficult for you to distinguish between fake and real leather. There are some points that can help you solve this confusion. Check out the tips mentioned above that can help you identify the real leather recliner. Apart from that, we have also shared some things that you should keep in mind before buying a recliner.

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Kane Dane

Written by Kane Dane