How Many Solar Energy Panels Do One Require to Operate a Farm?

The purpose of installing solar panels is to save electricity and power bills. But the initial investment for installing these boards is quite high, and it is necessary to calculate the estimate. Many farmers are switching to this technology, calculating the number of solar energy panels required to run their farms. There are a few steps to calculate and get the perfect estimate to instal the solar energy panels needed.

In the following write-up, we will discuss those steps to know the exact number of solar energy panels you should install on your farms. It is hard to decide on a rough estimate because the farm size of every person is different. But with the help of the following steps, you can determine how much money you have to spend on installation process and money you can save on your electricity bills. The calculation is quite easy and convenient. Let us discuss those steps.

1. Adding Your Cost of Energy


First, you have to know the annual power bills by adding the monthly cost. You must know the monthly and yearly total to find the estimate of your electricity bill. In this way, you can easily determine the bill you require to save by installing the solar energy panel. Suppose you pay an annual bill of $50,000, and then your monthly bill is around $4100.

You can save your bill money by switching to solar technology. Consider the previous bills of at least five to ten years. In this way, you can estimate the total amount you had paid on bills. With time, electricity has become an expensive commodity, and you have to spend more due to inflation.

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If you keep on going in such a way, you need to increase your bill budget. Instead, you can use natural solar power. The boards convert solar power to electricity, and you can easily save money on bills after you invest once during the installation.

2. Adding the Energy Usage in kWh

When you check the previous year’s monthly electricity bills, you need to check the monthly electricity usage by noting the units in kWh. This way, you will know how many units you require to operate your farm. The number of units can be quite different in summer and winter. You are consuming more energy if you operate more fans, bulbs, lights, etc.

You need to break the bill annually, monthly, and seasonally. The energy usage units are steady, and they will remain the same in the next few years, but the cost can change yearly. But if you operate solar energy panels, the power usage and the expense will remain approximately the same. But inflation can affect the price of the solar energy panels, their installation, and maintenance. The extra cost will be there every year.

3. Know the Total Power from Solar Energy Panels


After determining the power usage every year, you must know the total power you need to get from solar energy panels. When there is a change in weather, it can affect energy usage. Therefore, it will affect the total power you must run your farm from these panels.

Every government provides different solar plans to farmers to reduce their electricity bills. The perfect thing about installing solar energy panels is that it produces massive power that you can use the whole day.

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If we talk about the bill, it is quite less than usual. Many farmers that cannot afford to install new solar panels can also get them for rent. But there will be an additional cost of renting panels yearly. Therefore, it is better to choose between buying and installing the panels. You can hire a solar agricultural consultant to help the farmer with the perfect installation.

Along with panels, you have to spend money on batteries to store the electricity power and use them when there is no source of sunlight. In many places, the sunlight is never constant and keeps on shading and brightening. In such cases, you can use portable solar panels.

4. Know the Average Amount of Sunlight Daily

You must check how much direct sunlight is available in your area daily. You can get help from online portals to determine the exact numbers. After that, you can decide how long a solar energy panel is required to install in the field.

It is crucial to get precise measurements of the farm and solar panels. It is better to tilt the roof to avoid obstructions from buildings and trees. The power you will use through panels will be quite high compared to the direct sunlight. The power you are getting depends on the average direct sunlight. uite

5. Evaluate the Solar System Size


If you need to calculate the solar system size, you must divide the kWh of every month by the monthly direct sunlight supply. The installation price increases if you enhance the size of the solar system. If you can easily evaluate the solar system size, one can also detect the annual maintenance cost. You need to use a simple formula to get the exact solar system size.

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6. Evaluate the Number of Solar Energy Panels You Need

After calculating the solar system size, you must evaluate the number of solar energy panels you need for the installation on your farm. You need to multiply the solar energy system size by 1000 and divide it by board wattage. You will get the exact number of solar energy panels to install on your farm. It is easy to determine the required number of solar energy panels.

Final Thoughts

With the help of solar power, one can save money on electricity bills. To run a farm, you can easily calculate the number of boards you require to install by the mentioned steps. Use simple formulas and detect the exact numbers.

If you find it difficult to do it yourself, then you can contact a solar energy panel consultant for this job. The person can suggest the exact number of boards you need to get solar energy on your farm.

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Kane Dane

Written by Kane Dane