Difference Between SMT Assembly and PCB Manufacturing

Nowadays, many mobile phones and laptops are launched in a sleek design. The electronic components installed in the device are getting small. The chips are installed in big appliances and make them work effectively. Due to the latest technology, many changes are happening in the electronic world.

Not many people know about SMT Assembly with PCB manufacturing to make all the electrical components compact, lightweight, and easy to install in any device. Let us discuss the difference between these two technologies and how it is useful for manufacturing other devices.

About SMT Assembly


It is a technology of surface mounting, in which various electronic components are brought together and assembled by using automated machines. Small electronic components are assembled on a single surface or platform, i.ePCB.

The assembling process is done by soldering the device over the board. It is a common and popular process in the Electrical industry.

Process of SMT Assembly

There are simple steps for installing small components on the PCB:

  1. Application of the soldering paste over the surface can be flux or particles of tin.
  2. Placement of components over the paste on the surface.
  3. By using the reflow process, the board is soldered.

About PCB Manufacturing


The Board of Printed Circuit works like a backbone to connect many devices on a single platform. The manufacturing of a PCB board is necessary to assemble various electronic components on this board by using the soldering method.

Such assembled devices are used for various applications like calculators, clocks, etc. The assembling of electronic components is only possible when the manufacturing of PCB is done with care.

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Process of PCB Manufacturing

There are simple steps of PCB manufacturing that are necessary to know:

  1. Proper Designing to Get Better Output
  2. After design filing, it goes for printing the films.
  3. Printing different inner layers and removal of unwanted copper
  4. Alignment of all the layers and complete optical inspection
  5. Layering and bonding
  6. Drilling the holes for components
  7. Plating is done with deposited copper
  8. Imaging the outer layer
  9. Final plating and etching
  10. Application of solder mask
  11. Surface finishing and silkscreening
  12. Testing Process
  13. Profiling the Board and Providing Scores

How are SMT Assembly and PCB Manufacturing Connected?


If we compare the SMT Assembly and PCB manufacturing, we will get a simple idea. The SMT assembly is a process of assembling various electronic components on a single surface and platform. The PCB is a surface device that is used in SMT assembling. There is a direct connection between these two terms, and it plays a crucial role in the Electrical industry.

SMT assembly is quite common nowadays, and PCB is mandatorily used to assemble different components. All the latest electronic devices use the SMT Assembly process for preparing small chips and other mobile parts. Therefore, PCB manufacturing is equally important for the manufacturing of electronic devices.

Final Thoughts

The SMT assembly and PCB manufacturing are inter-connected terms. The PCB device is used for assembling the electronic components, and the process is known as surface mounting. It is the latest technology used in the manufacturing of many appliances.

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Kane Dane

Written by Kane Dane