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A Guide to Residential Drug Treatment

People think that addiction can never be treated and there is no end to drugs but the reality is that treatment has opened up ways to re-live life again. One of the best ways for getting rid of addiction is to seek Inpatient Treatment Program at a rehab center.  This treatment program is like a big umbrella that deals with a lot of issues under it. When a person becomes an addict, he not only suffers from physical disorders but also from many other disorders as well such as eating disorders, mental disorders, etc. Today, we will seek to get a deep insight into the Inpatient Rehab Program. We will explore that how many disorders are treated under it and what life at rehab looks like when an addict lives at their residence.


Inpatient treatment is evident from its name that it refers to the treatment where the clients live at the rehab locality or assigned residence for a month or more to get rid of drug habits. It is a proper hospitalized treatment where an addict is bound and restricted to live a scheduled life. People think that restricted life gives a sight of cruel life at rehab but here restricted refers to a disciplined healthy routine and schedule to be followed. Addiction to drugs is equivalent to developing dependence on harmful chemicals. Before this habit destroys your life, it is necessary to seek treatment help on time. When a person decides to start an inpatient treatment program, he is provided with the entire plan that he will follow during the entire period. In this entire process, the family and close friends of the client also play a very crucial role. On check-in, an addiction counselor guides about further treatment. He analyzes the entire drug history of the user. He wants a detailed insight of what substance was being used and for how long the substance was abused, what was the frequency of use etc. Don’t hesitate in opening up if you use more than one type of drug. Remember that hiding the truth will create difficulty in recovering. The more you will be honest with your drug counselor, the more are the chances of the development of accurate treatment. Discuss openly if your family history has a link with addiction or not because genetics also plays a very evident role in developing an addiction. In this way, the counselor will build your profile and it will be a proper customized treatment plan.

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Specialties of treatment

  • Eating disorder and nutrition counseling

It is very important to know that how we can heal our bodies with healthy food choices. When we have to deal with drug addiction, we have to go through various components of treatment, and dealing with eating habits is one of them. For full recovery, it is necessary to take care of all the parts of an addict no matter if they are related to mental issues or physical. People who suffer from eating disorders are usually dealing with bulimia, anorexia, or binge eating. All of these three disorders need to be treated on time to get escape from fatal consequences. It is not necessary that an addict would be a patient suffering from an eating disorder but still, Nutrition Counseling is a compulsory part of the treatment. The counselor will deal with an eating disorder if any and nutrition counseling will be compulsory. People who start living with addiction usually have an unhealthy relationship with healthy food intake. They start controlling their diets and somehow the drugs also suppress the hunger. This is why trained nutrition counselors seek to teach the value of healthy food intake. Food is one of the best friends of the addict that can help in overcoming drugs habit. When a client stays at rehab, he learns about a healthy lifestyle. He follows a routine that includes food items full of nutrients. A healthy lifestyle and eating habits engage the addict at rehab and in long run; the client is at a high chance of long-term recovery. Eating helps in both the stability of physical and mental health.  A healthy body helps in staying sober by fueling up the body with the fuel of energy. When a person enjoys a good food intake, he is motivated to achieve a drug-free life and maintain it. When a person becomes used to give every healthy thing to the body, he will never reach out to drugs to feed his body.

  • Mental therapies


Next, mental therapies cover a major portion. The drug’s chemical composition directly harms the mental functioning of the user’s mind. Here we have two cases, sometimes drugs make the person depressed or stressed out but sometimes, some individuals are depressed ,stressed out and are dealing with traumatic situations. As a result, they start using drugs. In such cases, the therapies are designed to treat the illness that caused the action of drug intake in the first place.

  • Individual counseling


Further, individual counseling sessions are arranged at rehab or virtual rehab like this online suboxone clinic for people with substance abuse disorders. These sessions seek to identify the triggering factors that cause addiction and motivate the user to adopt drugs. These sessions create a friendly bond of the addict with the counselor as the counselor makes him comfortable in sharing the experience. The traumatic situations and every element are openly discussed in these sessions. Find more info.

  • Group therapeutic sessions

Moving on from the individual sessions, the group sessions are organized next that aim to involve the addict in group activities so that he again starts interacting and socializing with the people. Drugs usually develop the habit of living alone so these group sessions are directed to motivate addicts to make a bond with people and share things. Moreover, the interaction with other addicts instills confidence in the clients.

  • Exercise


Lastly, the gym, yoga, and other sports activities are designed at the rehab because for a healthy mind, a healthy body is a necessity. For a healthy and calm mind, exercises do wonders and make addicts active individuals.

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