How to Prepare for a Smooth Move – 2024 Guide

We all live under so much stress today, and sometimes an additional one is not something we need or ask for, but certain situations that can do so we simply cannot avoid. Now, there are many things that can stress out people, but there are only a few that bring mixed feelings. Of course, the main one here is planning the wedding. Even though it is one of the most memorable and wonderful things and events, the wedding can also be extremely stressful because everything about planning and organizing one can lead to so many unwanted situations. Besides this, one thing that most people overlook, at least until they have to do so, is relocating to some entirely new place as this too brings mixed feelings and is both great and stressful at the same time.

The biggest difference between these two is that all the decisions are up to you and your personal preferences, and it all starts by preparing for a move. Yes, we know how this might sound, but this is what troubles most people who plan to relocate to some new city, which is why having a detailed plan can be of great help, and this guide should help you with that.


Choosing trustworthy movers

Everything starts from here, as all other things like the overall costs, how much time the whole move will take, what kind of additional services these companies provide, etc., are nothing if the company you pick has bad reviews and people who used their services are far from satisfied. That is why even before you start creating a plan to keep track of every little thing required for a move, you should do some research and create a list of the best companies out there. The price has a huge role in our decision-making, but when it comes to some crucial things, it’s always a much better choice to spend a bit more but get exactly what you paid for than to wonder whether all your belongings will arrive in one piece. Read more about how to find reliable and quality moving services, and get detailed instructions on how to prepare for a smooth move.

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Booking early

When planning a move, it is crucial to choose the exact date, as it will make the organizing much easier and less stressful because you will know how much time you have and use it smartly. Moving companies are much busier than we think, especially during the peak season, and because of that, it is always better to book in advance to make sure they are available that day. Contact them as soon as possible and arrange the date that suits both of you the most, so you can dedicate yourself to packing and avoid worrying about whether they will be available on that certain day or not.


Get rid of unnecessary items

Moving to a new home can be the perfect situation for a new beginning and the best time to get rid of many unnecessary things most of us have in our basements or hidden in the attic. Once we start packing for the move, we will see how many things we have that have never been used, but we simply keep them because we feel sorry to throw them away. Packing everything means higher moving costs and much more things to organize in the new home, so it is always better to sort them and choose only the necessary ones to bring with you. Of course, we do not need to throw away the items we do not need, and we have a few options to find them a new owner, as we can organize a backyard sale and earn money to pay the moving company, give them to someone who will use them, or donate to a local shelter and make someone happy.

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Mark the boxes

Most people use different containers to pack their belongings as they are practical, can be easily sorted in the truck, and keep everything safe, but many forget to mark them. Labeling each of them can make unpacking much easier because we do not need to open every box to check what is inside, as everything can be seen on the label. In order to remain safe and protect the boxes from potential robbers, it is always better to write something funny, so you are the only one who knows what each of them contains.


Protect valuable items

Moving companies do their job very professionally, and there is no need to worry that our belongings will end up lost or broken, but when it comes to our valuable items, it is better to pay extra attention to them. The best solution is to keep these items near us so they can be under constant supervision, as sending them with other belongings can be a little risky. Although moving companies guarantee safety, various things can happen, and someone can steal them from the truck, or we can lose them among other boxes, so it is much better to put them in a smaller bag that we can keep an eye on. When we speak about valuable items, it is necessary to mention that it is not only about jewelry or money, as documents and medical reports are much more valuable than we think, so it is crucial to pack them too.

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Don’t forget about your pet

Most homeowners have a pet, and even though you will not pack them, bringing all their belongings is also something on their to-do list. Understandably, this is not just about packing all their toys or things they use, as it is more about preparing a pet for the big day. The requirements are actually pretty similar to those for people as bringing the necessary medications, food, and water is just a must. Besides that, make sure to pack and bring with you their treats, favorite toys, documents, and certificates. Doing so in time will be of great help and save you some time, and it also reduces the chances of forgetting any important item just because you were in a hurry.

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