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Katy Perry: Is She Pregnant? Here’s What The Rumor Says

Katy Perry: Is She Pregnant? Here’s What The Rumor Says

Katy Perry shared a preview of her new song Never Worn White on Wednesday afternoon. And the 35-year-old who lived in Santa Barbar, California appearing as a baby bump while wearing a white satin dress with long sleeves in a short clip got viral and rumored. This leads 43-year-old actor Orlando Bloom to speculate about he finance being pregnant.

The legendary creator of successes, who has been in the music business for 20 years, appeared in a white dress while putting his hands on his belly. It seems that she is getting bored a little, but it is difficult to know.

Fans said everything: “She has something to announce, and maybe she is pregnant” Baby for Katy is on the way! ‘

How all this started…

They both started dating in the year 2016 and finally got engaged a year ago in February 2019. In November, Bloom said he wanted to have more children with Katy: he already has a son, Flynn, with his ex-wife Miranda Kerr. He told Man About Town: ‘I want to enjoy my family and friends, my beautiful son, and have more children.

Complete and evident in my heart what this means, as opposed to a romantic idea of ​​being in a relationship.” Even Katy is seen slowing her career this year,” the source said, which doesn’t seem right since she has new music and is still in American Idol.

“They both want to have children together, and they would prioritize it,” a Bloom source said. Bon Appetit singer received a tip for comedian Russell Brand from 2010 to 2012.

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