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Internet outages: Their causes and solutions!

The Internet is quite an essential part of modern society with so much of our lives depending on it. That high dependability comes at a cost where we simply cannot manage our routines without the internet. Be it personal or professional environments, an internet outage could be a terrible nuisance. As it holds the potential of disrupting our very existence in today’s world.

There are a number of causes behind internet outages and then there a number of steps that can help you eradicate those problems to an extent. In this article, we will discuss the most prominent reasons behind internet outages and suggest what can be done to counter those reasons. Take notice, at instances of distress, multiple Macro factors might be involved that are beyond the control of a layman.

A bit of advice before continuing our article is to go for an internet option in your area which has an extensive network. Such ISP’s are less prone to outages and thus people face better connectivity. Similarly, it is less likely for you to face Optimum internet outage but if you do then several ISP search portals can offer you dependable options in your immediate area. A good practice here is to simply visit the website and that would guide you towards dependable customer support options to help you make an informed decision.  With that suggestion, let us begin!

Factors responsible for outages

We have broken down our list of internet outage issues into three segments that are easy to differentiate from one another. Here are the details:

Equipment issues

These types of issues are related to our local operating environment. The most common of these involve unplugged and damaged wires. The hardware component used in your internet devices like the modem or router you are currently using isn’t up-to-date, this can cause a malfunction with your service provider and this, in turn, results in suffering internet connectivity or a complete outage. The software components in your system might be affected by malware that can readily control your internet connection or in most cases, cause congestion that results in bad connectivity. Software updates also play an important role here, since an updated system and devices are bound to be less functional for future upgradations.

Environmental issues

These issues often include macro factors that are beyond our control. An earthquake, for instance, can damage the internet connectivity infrastructure and disrupt your connectivity. Bad weather conditions are another major factor especially when it comes to satellite connectivity and an internet outage can be inevitable in such scenarios. A breakdown in your local exchange can also cause a DSL or Fibre connection to go out-of-order for significant time intervals. Entire countries can face these environment-based outages if the connecting fibre lines are damaged. These can take a significant time for repairs and major tolls on internet-based economies.

ISP issues

ISP issues leading to outages are quite common in today’s world. This is precisely the reason why we tend to blame our ISP’s before anything else when it comes to bad connectivity. The E-Gaming segment, in particular, can relate to this issue as their lives are instantly turned miserable if an internet outage happens. These factors are generally in control of your ISP and often stem from failed servers, outdated systems and system upgrades in certain instances.

Dealing with internet outages

Here are a few easy solutions for dealing with internet outages:

Check your cabling

In some instances, our cable clips get worn out that need to be replaced to help them stay in place. Make sure that your internet is enabled on devices against the connectivity options as well. A good practice is to replace your existing coaxial cables once a year at least, to enjoy smooth connectivity. If your Wi-Fi connectivity is facing issues, a cable can also help you determine where the problems lie, in the router or the connection, which can then be handled accordingly.

Rebooting systems

Restarting your connectivity devices often solves most connectivity issues. The data stream between your ISP and modem can get disrupted and rebooting the modem can help you resolve this. The same process works with several devices including routers, hubs, and connected devices as well. Before restarting your devices, make sure that you give them a minute’s rest and then switch them on again. Remember that with issues like this, you have to be patient since frantic measures can cause more damage and resolving the issue at hand.

Getting assistance from your ISP

When all else fails, we contact our ISP’s and that is the right approach. Professionals from the company take significantly less time in identifying various issues and resolving them quickly. This shouldn’t be your first choice though since professional assistance can cost extra in many scenarios and let’s not forget the additional time it might take to get in touch with them. if you are facing simple issues like a required restart or a software update, try resolving them on your own first.

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