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How To Choose The Best Video Editor For Yourself?

Videos are almost everywhere on the internet. Websites and social media implement this attention-seeking recording and rightly so. Google recently surveyed to conclude that six out of ten people watch online videos instead of television channels. Most people even watch television channels on the internet. The credit for this goes to the convenience of watching videos anywhere on a small screen. For establishing your brand’s awareness and spreading your reach to a wider range of audiences, a simple video editor will design your videos for a quick and lasting impact on the viewer’s mind. 

Before starting to make a video, decide which type from this list fits your needs. 

  • Webinar
  • Live stream
  • Tutorial 
  • Product information
  • Brand introduction
  • Testimonials
  • Vlogs
  • Interviews
  • Presentation

For spreading brand awareness, a combination of product information and testimonials will attract the right audience. Live streams are apt for celebrities and artists who wish to show their work-in-progress to the fans while vlogs are the online diaries for people who want to show their lives to the world. 

What does a video editor do? 

While recording a video, it becomes almost impossible to get the right shot with no mistakes. Even if you do, a simple video with no additional music or text will be dull for the target audience. Thus, power packing your video is only possible through a video editor. It improves the quality of your clip and breathes life into it, thereby catching the short-term attention of your audience for making a long-term impact. 

Any excellent video editor gives you the power to do the listed things. 

  • Add transitions: Transitions adjust the impact of the video or the image displayed on the screen. To keep the mood of the video constant throughout, use a normal cut while adding the next video in the sequence. However, for an important sequence like a product’s launch, you must use a unique and impactful transition to adjust the emphasis of the product’s video or image. 
  • Add background image: It can be anything. If you plan to create mobile-friendly videos after adjusting the aspect ratio of your video, add a plain black or white background for ease of viewing on bigger screens. 
  • Add background music: While creating a promo video, background music plays the role of a charmer for your audience. It reels them in and keeps them hooked to the content. It will be a bonus if your video editor has a list of stock music and images free of copyrights. 
  • Add logo: Your logo is the identification mark of your brand. When people share videos on the internet, most people don’t know the origin of the video. This is because they may simply circulate a video on social media without crediting its source. In this process, the identity of the person who uploaded gets lost and the information stays as it is. To counter this, adding a logo or watermark on the corner of the video is crucial for your brand awareness on the internet. 
  • Add text: Sometimes, videos need words for better emphasis. While some would prefer to add captions for their content, others would use the text option to inform about the next sequence of slides. Whatever the reason may be, the text formatting option is a must-have for any video editor. 
  • Change aspect ratio: After studying the usage habits of your target audience, you would know their preference of devices for viewing videos. Depending on that, you get the option of changing the aspect ratio of your videos for comfortable viewing. This factor is also important when you are uploading your video on different social media platforms. Instagram’s posts and stories have different resolutions for viewing a video. If you upload a video of the story’s resolution as a post, it will create an unpleasant viewing experience for your users and they will ignore your content. 
  • Add frames or filters: Overheads, frames, and filters are in vogue because of their appealing and fun vibe. Through a video editor, you can either use these over the videos captured by your camera or the images used in your slides. The editor gives you the creative freedom to do as it pleases your brand. 

Types of video editors

There are two types of video editors on the internet. While some stress on the perfection of editing software, others can’t stop talking about the efficiency of online applications. Let’s know more about them. 

  • Online application: Online applications provide higher flexibility of use and beginner-friendly interfaces that increase the ease of use for any user. 
    • Space: These applications require no space on the device as they store it on a server. 
    • Memory: It requires lesser memory to operate.
    • Flexibility: You can access it from any device that has a browser.
    • Connectivity: It requires an internet connection for accessing online tools for video editing.
    • Tools: Any online movie maker comes with beginner-friendly tools for editing videos with greater impact.
    • Ease of use: Any professional or beginner can use online video editors. 
  • Software: Offline software needs one-time installation and a subscription for working. Listed below are the characteristics of a video editing software. 
    • Space: It occupies a substantial amount of space on the hard drive of your device. 
    • Memory: These types of software need more RAM for better performance as they are bulky.
    • Flexibility: You can download them on desktops, mobile phones, and tablets depending on their availability.
    • Connectivity: It may or may not require the internet connection after you download the application on your device. 
    • Tools: These types of software provide more versatility and ability to edit videos using a wide range of tools.
    • Ease of use: They are professional-friendly for deriving optimum results. 


If you aim to create compelling videos without straining your budget, online applications will give you the right tools in a beginner-friendly format to eliminate the need for a video designer. The returns provided by these videos for a low investment amount will get you more customers and broader reach. 

Now that you know all your options and tips for making the right choice, get started with video editing!

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