5 Misconceptions People Have About Hair Regrowth Treatments

The Internet allows us to access information almost instantly, which is why the line between scientific evidence and myths is often blurred. Because of this, a lot of people have misconceptions about hair regrowth treatments, all of which can end up damaging their hair even more. Debunking these myths is incredibly important for hair health and to help you learn whether or not you’re doing something wrong, here are the most common misconceptions about hair regrowth treatments, debunked:


Misconception 01: Consuming More Biotin Will Help My Hair Thrive

Truth: It Won’t

A lot of people claim that consuming more Biotin – a type of vitamin B – can help with hair growth. However, the truth is that Biotin deficiencies can occur in some rare situations, however, it won’t influence your hair growth. What does this mean? Well, basically, it means that your body will require this vitamin for thriving, but your hair won’t. Hence, consuming more Biotin won’t help you regrow your hair faster.


Misconception 02: Hair Shouldn’t Be Washed Often

Truth: The Frequency Isn’t Important, The Products You Use Are Important

A lot, I repeat, a lot of people think that washing and shampooing their hair often will lead to strand loss, however, this isn’t entirely true. If your hair shows stress and thinning signs, the products you use might be the ones to blame. This is why it’s incredibly important for you to find the best tayloáni hair products available on the market and using them every one to three days might be just what you require.

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Misconception 03: A Specific Routine Needs to Be Change Every Month

Truth: Not True, Your Hair Might Just Be Changing

One of the things that a lot of people believe is that a hair care routine needs to be changed every month. Now, keep in mind, it’s not about the products you use, instead, your hair and the condition of it might have changed because of the season or being exposed to different environmental factors.

Because of this, it might be best if you opt for talking to a professional so that you can determine which routine will work for you, and don’t forget, for it to work, you’ll need to stick to it.


Misconception 04: It’ll Grow Faster If It’s Trimmed Often

Truth: Not True, This Will Only Make it Look Better

This is one of the myths that I believed in for a very long time until my hairdresser told me that this isn’t true and that actually don’t need another trim. Hair growth is prompted by follicle health and when your ends are splitting, they could break away, causing your hair to become shorter. Although a trim won’t help your strands grow any faster than they would without it, it’ll help you with ensuring that it looks healthy and well-maintained.


Misconception 05: Stress is The Cause of Gray Strands

Truth: Genetics And Age Are The Causes of Them

I think we’ve all experienced our moms telling us that we’re to blame for their gray hair because we caused them a lot of stress, however, don’t worry, this is a myth. Genetics and age are the most common causes of them, meaning that, as we grow older, we produce less melanin – an important substance that your body creates and that is responsible for the color of our hair – thus, this will cause them to go gray.


There are big chances that you’ve believed at least one of the myths we’ve mentioned above. And if you want to ensure that you aren’t doing something damaging to your hair just because you believe in a myth, it might be wise to talk to your hair care professional, mostly because they’ll be capable of telling you whether or not it’s true, and more importantly, they’ll be able to tell you what you need to do to keep your hair healthy.

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