5 Things to Try if Your Computer Is Not Recognizing Your Printer

In a world full of technology and advancement, everyone owns a computer. This invention has proven to be of much importance as all your work can be done while sitting in your own room with a single click. You can play games on it, do your job related work, entertain yourself with movies, songs, and news, you can even transfer your files from one computer to the other in an instant. This ensures that your files and private data are kept safe and secure for all the times to come.

Now, at times, you need to get a print out of some page or some document you just read online on your computer. You can go out and get it printed from a shop but that requires effort and can cost more adding the fuel and everything. The best way to get out a print is by having a printer at your home. They add convenience to your life. Sometimes it can cause a little stir in life too. Your computer may not recognize your printer and all of a sudden, all of your work will come down to a halt. In order to avoid this mishappening, Brother Utilities is here to let you know the things to try if your computer is not recognizing your printing machine.

Down below are written top five things you can try to solve this issue:


1. The printer has been turned off / connectivity issues

This is the most common reason that can easily be detected if your printer isn’t getting recognized. Check if the red and blue dots or lights on the printer are on. If off, that is your indication. Make sure to turn it on again and connect it with your computer one more time, your issue will be resolved.

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2. Check the cables

If faulty cables have been used, odds are your printer will not work properly and your computer will not recognize it. Buy brand new cables and then turn your printer on, you will notice that the efficiency would be much better than before.


3. Reboot the printer

Another thing you can do is try rebooting your printer. A new connection would then be established and all previous malfunctioning will be removed automatically.

4. Install the printer’s handle on your computer

One of the major reasons for your printer not being recognized by the computer lies behind the fact that sometimes the plug ins have not been installed on your pc. Without these additional plug ins the computer will not recognize the typographer and no connection would then be made. Therefore, install the required files necessary in order to establish a better and a smoother connection.


5. Lots of files in queue

If there are a lot of files in the queue section, your printing machine might get confused and stop working. Therefore, in order to remove this mishap, one must make sure that there are not many files in the queue by removing the unnecessary files from the list.

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Kane Dane

Written by Kane Dane