6 Reasons Why Bodyweight Training Is Better Than Weights

Exercising and shaping your body does not only depend on the weight you lift to achieve it. Many people think that if they add more weight to the exercise machines, they achieve faster results and are closer to the ultimate goal. However, this is not always the case and the differences between different levels of intensity in exercise must be taken into account.

Beginners, of course, as much as they want, will not be able to exercise with a lot of weight, so for them, it is more than advisable to start only with their body weight. In fact, many professional fitness instructors believe that this is the right way to achieve good results and to gain a foothold if, in the future, clients want to add more load to their workouts.

Of course, in such cases, there is no right approach, because the decision on how to exercise depends only on your needs and you decide on it yourself or with the help of your coach. If your goal is to achieve muscle mass, then, of course, the choice is weight lifting. But if you want to strengthen and shape your body, then bodyweight is the obvious choice.

It has been proven many times that they can be really effective and give much better results than lifting weights. But, as we have said, the decision depends on your goal and what you want to achieve.

And if you need reasons why bodyweight exercises are better than lifting weights, we are here to explain them in detail:

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1. Less chance of injury

The weight adds to the intensity of the training, but we certainly claim that there are bodyweight HIIT workout approaches with which you can be really creative, but also to protect yourself from injuries. Of course, there are risks in such cases, but they are smaller, and the nature of the injury is lighter. This is crucial if you are afraid of fractures and other injuries, such as muscle spasms and pain. For many, this is a decisive factor when choosing what to exercise.

2. The achieved results are longer lasting

Bodyweight exercises have many advantages, and our favorite is that the results are really long-lasting and you can also apply the approach in real life. Since you target every part of the body, but work within your strength and do not go beyond it, you not only strengthen the muscles, you also improve your stability and flexibility, but also learn how to use force properly. on his body.

For example, knowing your abilities will give you a good idea of ​​whether you can lift an object, how much you can bend, whether you can stand in the same place for a long time, and whether you are ready for physical work.

Therefore, our recommendation is to first get to know your own strength and the capacity of your own body, and then consider whether there is any need to include weight lifting in your workout plan.


3. You can be creative

When you are not lifting a load, you have flow in your session and you do not have to take frequent breaks. This is great for all those who do not like monotonous exercise. Pilates largely avoids high impact, high power output, and heavy muscular and skeletal loading. It’s similar to skills like Tai Chi. No workout is identical to the previous one, so you avoid getting bored of your workout.

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4. Better balance and more flexibility

Since in addition to the muscles, you also target the sense of balance and the joints, it can be said that bodyweight workout exercises are a great way to be stronger and at the same time more flexible. In a short period of time, you will notice that you are more stable when walking, but also that you have greater elasticity of the whole body when performing daily tasks. You may not have prominent muscles, but they are all properly targeted and strength is applicable in real life.


5. After training, you are not tired

The best thing about bodyweight exercises, even when they are high intensity, is that the sessions end with calming breathing. That way you get your mental balance back in place. When you finish exercising, you will notice that you are not really tired and that you have the energy to go out, to hang out, to continue working, and to do it with great ease.

Imagine, there is a way to exercise that will not drain your energy, but on the contrary, will make you happier and in a better mood. Try it, you will certainly not regret your decision.

6. You become aware of the maximum of your body

We do not all have the same strength, elasticity, tightness, and control over the body. The good thing about bodyweight training is that you become aware of your maximum capacity, but you also challenge yourself to overcome them by at least 1%. This means that there is no pushing and extra effort to lift as much weight as possible. Once you reach your maximum, you know if you can go further or stay in that range. Of course, in this way, the risk of injury is so small that it can be said that it almost does not exist. Do not underestimate this type of exercise, as the equipment is not a key factor in the efficiency.

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From this article, we conclude that if everyone works in the capabilities of their body, then it reaches the maximum in an easy way. There is no need to take supplements for more strength or to build muscle mass if you do not want it.

Bodyweight HIIT exercises are just a way to push your limits and improve your body’s energy and flexibility. And what more do you need than that?

Do not underestimate these exercises. Instead, try to test your limits without using any additional equipment. It really is not difficult, especially when you find your favorite activity. You just have to be consistent and persistent in what you do.

What do you think?

Kane Dane

Written by Kane Dane