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5 Top Ways To Turn Your Videos From Blah To Fantastic In Moments

With the load and pressure of income and loving increasing on the human brain, the need of some relaxations has increased as well. Only work and work pressurized the brain too much and it may have dire consequences later on. So there is an urgent need to provide the brain and the body with some relaxing moments.

Now if we look at what all we can do to make ourselves relaxed, we can find a lot of things existing. These things start from gaming and reading and go on to singing, listening to music, making funny videos on You Tube and many more. All these things have their own importance and provide some relaxation in their own ways.

If we talk about any particular idea, making videos on any social platform seems a decent job. This has a lot of benefits for the doer. It increases the creativity, the skills like editing and combining, the humour factor and so on.

But there are some people who try to make videos out of the course. They, in turn, end up making something boring and unlikeable. Now my question is, do you feel that your videos fall in the boring category? If yes, then here are 5 ways in which you can easily turn your videos from blah to whoa within minutes –


Content is something which is really necessary when you are making any kind of videos, may it be for You Tube or any other social website. This video’s which have some engaging content to offer only rule. Videos without any story are dull and boring.

So before you plan to make a video, finalise done content for it. This content may range from games to cooking to songs or lifestyle or personality. And some humour can be added as well. If your video has something to offer, then people will watch them. It does not matter of your story has been used earlier. You just need to make your video unique and interesting. That is it!


In the last point I talked about making your videos unique and interesting. Now the question is, how will you make something – which has been used earlier by various people – unique? The answer is simple – your cast.

The cast of a video is the group of people who work in it. The cast may be limited to a single person or may be more. What makes your video unique and different from others is its cast and the expressions they show. And with this point, I come on expression. Expressionless acting means nothing but zero. Either you act or you hire someone else, it is compulsory that they have some expression that goes on with the story. Expressions make a video lively and compelling!


The two things – music and sound effects – are added to make a scene or a video more interesting and more attractive. You watch a lot of films and TV serials. So you must have noticed that have done backfiring music playing and added are the sound effects.

These background music and sound effects give life to a video. They make the audience feel the act. Without these, the video is nothing but a silent movie. And of course silent movies have no value today. So adding background music and some sound effects will make your video worthy enough to be watched. And adding the sound effects according to the situations is like icing on the cake! All you need to do is to edit your videos in the best ways. Have a look at some of the Best Video Editing Apps like KineMaster which can help you. These are the most popular and you can edit your videos the way you like to. 


This may seem to be a dumb point at first look but surely it is not. The location in which the videos or scenes are shot make them more beautiful.

The is a reason why the films are shot at various locations right? Locations are needed for the scenes and acting to be more lively. Jumping from a building or a running car seems more thrilling than jumping off a table! So you must choose your location wisely. If it is a short video, then any beautiful picturesque location will work wonders! For longer ones, you can finalise any shooting halls or any empty locations like forests or parks. But the best alternative is a green screen. Using a green screen, you can add any location sitting at home! After all, locations do matter!


This is perhaps the most important point of all (sarcastic laugh)! Time is the most precious thing, more valuable than gold and diamond. And this is applicable to the videos you make as well.

No one is going to watch your video is it is lengthy. Long videos are always boring and useless. People go for those videos which are shot but still capable of offering something. So try to make your videos short and simple. This will make the audience stay in your videos and watch them. But making the videos short does not mean that you can add whatever you want! No! You have to make the video-rich with content and all other things stated above. But all of these must be limited to a small time frame.

These were some simple steps to make your videos better and more interesting. Adios!

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