3 Things to Try if Your Beard Is Dry and Rough

Men’s beard is a man’s pride. We will start with that because there is no other truer saying. Some researchers even proved that your beard is what brings your social status up in society.

Beards are useful, nice-looking and cool but they are also hard to grow and maintain. Those of us that are unfortunate to grow one do not know about these issues, sadly. But men that can grow and that have beards know the struggles of its maintenance. Some will say, „hey. It is easy just let it grow and trim it here and there” but there is a lot more to it.

You can tie your beard to your women’s hair. They constantly are using some sort of products for issues that they keep having. From hair dryness to flakiness, roughness and a lot of flakiness. These are all the things that can and will plague you as a proud beard owner but, luckily, we are glad to inform you that there is a solution for this.

If you have a beard and if you suffer from its roughness and dryness, in particular, then you need to read this article through and try this when it comes to softening your beard.

1. Liquid


Hydration or liquid is very important for so many things including hair and beards. Improperly hydrated parts of your body will start to react and when they do you will see that something bad is happening, but then it is too late for prevention, now you have to go into cure mode. When it comes to this it is always better to prevent than cure, but if you have no other way then everything is good as long as you work towards betterment.

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Now, to make sure that your beard always looks healthy and fine you need to properly hydrate it. Our hair and skin need liquid and a lot of it. You all know that our bodies are 70% liquid which is constantly circulating. To maintain the good quality of your beard and to avoid liquid deficiency-related issues like beard static, fizziness, and roughness you need to up your hydration.

This is done with increased liquid intake but also in increased application of water directly on your beard and skin below it. What happens after is our next thing on the list.

2. Cream


The cream is the next step that is very important for achieving and maintaining a healthy and smooth beard. Most people tend to jump steps and apply cremes and conditioners on the dry beard, which is not bad, it is just ineffective. If you do not water your beard the effect of smoothness and moisture will dissipate after a few hours and you will instantly get what you had in the beginning.

These things are meant to be used in order and together because the results that come after that are a lot better and more acceptable. After you have “fed” your skin and beard with water you need to hit it with some sort of crème or moisturizer to lock that water in. thanks to your beard being moist and watery the creme will easily penetrate to your hair cuticles and help you moisturize properly, detangle hairs in the beard, it will protect your hair and cut down on the frizz.

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The creme will lock in all the goodness from water and will allow your hair to become softer and more manageable, which is what all of us are looking for. Another thing to note is that this will also not be complete without a third thing which is coming right up.

3. Oil


The third and another indispensable step is oil application to your beard. Oil application will aid you with smoothing the hair cuticles, it will nourish your beard and provide you with a bit more slippage so you can comb your beard more easily, without creating all that bad static we already mentioned.

Oil also plays a role in nourishing the skin beneath the beard, because in this entire process you can’t forget about your skin. Skin is where everything starts and oil will feed it, it will slow shedding, breakage and minimize split ends. All of this when applied properly and in conjunction with each other will allow you to reach the optimal values and results you are aiming for. There is a timeline that needs to be honoured here and if you have a rough beard with dryness issues you will probably need to do this sometime in the morning or evening and once during the day just as a freshen up moment.

Before we finish, we also want to mention some other things that may help here and that are not tied to particular products and those are things like trimming your beard, daily washes, combing and/or brushing.

Maintaining the health of the beard can be sometimes achieved with simple trimming of your beard regularly where you free yourself of the ends that are gone and can’t be retrievable. You will allow for new and healthier hair to grow while that far gone and beyond repair is cut down.

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Daily washing will mostly help with that moisturizing part of both your skin and your beard cuticles. Pick the time and longevity of this according to your abilities, but do not forget to wash your beard as often as possible. Also do not forget to apply those things we already wrote about because one without the other and third will not yield anything positive in the long run.

The last thing is brushing and combing your beard. This should be done whenever you applied those products to distribute them accordingly and as deeply as possible. You will help it work better and start its process as fast as possible. This is also a good time to check your beard for any hair deficiencies stiff hairs, tangled once or stubborn once that are not easily brought back to their place while combing or brushing. Apply more if needed on those spot checks and wait for the best possible results.

What do you think?

Kane Dane

Written by Kane Dane