Is Expensive Wine Really Better

Although we often think that price usually justifies quality – this may not always be the case. However, when we talk about wines, this thesis makes sense. If you have been wondering if expensive wine is really better – we will try to answer this question.

Is More Expensive Wine Always Better?

Sometimes, as insufficient wine connoisseurs, we are completely taken aback by what we see in wineries. The prices of certain wines can overcome even our wildest dreams. Whether it is white champagne sparkling wines or a luxury red wine – we often ask ourselves: Does this price really justify the quality? To know something like this for sure – you have to understand wines. But what if that’s not the case? Is it better to opt for expensive wine, and is it really better than others? In short, the answer is YES – and there are certain reasons for that.

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The grapes make the basic difference between expensive and cheap wines

The first and basic thing from which every production begins – is raw material. In the case of wine – it is the grapes and their quality as well as the mechanical composition. As we all know, there are grapes of different quality depending on the yield, the method of cultivation in the vineyard, the degree of protection, the climate, the quality of the year, etc.

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The method of processing affects the difference in the price of wine

When the grapes are harvested and brought to the winery, the process of primary processing begins – where the grapes are first crushed and then immediately pressed. The method of pressing makes the following difference in price. Namely, for quality and more expensive wines, the pressures used for pressing are very low and gentle – to extract only the highest quality juice. On the other hand, with lower quality wines, the pressures are much stronger –  which makes a significant difference in quality. You can read more here, and find out what are the best wines you can choose and more about the technology of their production.

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Production methods

A further way of production makes an even bigger difference in price between expensive and cheap wines. Cheaper wines are usually made in large series and use wine agents that are intended for mass production. With quality wines, everything takes place in small quantities, where better quality products are used. Wines with a lower price often do not last long in the cellar but quickly find their way to the market – unlike more expensive wines that spend several years in the cellar before reaching the consumer. So, the producers of quality wines have captive capital in that wine for several years – until it starts to return.

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The packaging also greatly affects the price of wine

As we could assume, there are big differences in the price due to the packaging. This is sometimes so obvious, so we can almost determine the price of wine by the quality of the packaging. Although this is not always the case, producers of more expensive wines try to pack their products in the highest quality and most expensive bottles. They will usually put the best cork, and stick a beautifully designed label.

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