Escort Scenario After the Lockdown

COVID-19 Pandemic badly affected everyone. There is no secret that pandemic is impacting the globe and every aspect of life and several industries, including the sex lives. Though couples are somehow not affected in physical relationships, those who are single and searching for escort babies to satisfy their sexual desire are badly affected.

Sex is an essential part of humans, and COVID-19 restricts many single and non-committed people toward sex even in jaipur escorts. When it comes to escort industries, no doubt it’s one of the highly affected industries in a pandemic and still struggling to revive. Undoubtedly, the escort industry thrived before the pandemic, but sadly, it’s now the lowest ever-growing industry.

Lockdown during pandemics even worsens the situation for all sex workers and escort service providers across the globe. Now the impact is so high that the escort industry hardly revives within a few years. Now the escort agencies and industry owners have to re-evaluate their business models and go with a different approach.


Why is the escort industry affected?

It’s true that now the escort industry will not be the same as before the pandemic. Now the question is how pandemics affect the escort industry? No doubt, the most significant barrier to the layout of the escort industry has been no physical contact. This involved a lot, as we know it’s impossible to run the escort industry without physical contact. In such conditions, several escort girls got out of work and faced a financial crisis.

Now governments have removed the lockdown from cities, and most escort agencies are open for the service, but sadly, the business is not the same as before. Let’s know more about the scenario of escort after the lockdown.

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Escort scenario after lockdown


Sex workers are now facing Mental health and harassment

According to a report, many sex workers face mental harassment and wellness only because of the pandemic after lockdown. Most of the sex workers are facing domestic violence and abuse from their partners due to their monetary issues. The report says their partners killed two to three sex workers due to the frustration of less income.

Due to no income, many sex workers can’t even pay room rent, electricity, and ration bills. They can’t even pay for their basic needs, which is very sad. A survey report says the average income of a sex worker before COVID is somehow between 12 to 15 k per month, but that becomes zero during the pandemic. After lockdown, they are trying harder to get a client, but most of the cases fail.

More dependent on webcam sex and phone sex

Though the after-lockdown situation is not that good for the escort industry, somehow, it’s better than before the pandemic. Now, most independent escorts babes focus on online live cam sex and phone sex and earn their bread and butter. No doubt these are not that satisfying for clients, but it brings happiness for them. Many sex workers now depend on live cam service, and clients also understand the situation and adjust accordingly.

No doubt, cam sex service is always risky because there is a possibility of video recording of sex workers, and that’s why many escort girls are also not ready to provide this kind of service and are still jobless.

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Escort agencies are mostly shut down!

Managing an escort agency needs enormous effort. After the lockdown situation is not good for escort service providers or because of the complete lockdown, these agencies fail to earn money and bear other expenses like room rent and other things. Now many professional escort girls are also left t join other professions. Overall, most of the escort agencies are always facing huge losses even after lockdown. Now, most of the clients are afraid to hire an escort girl and visit any escort center because of the COVID spread fear, and that’s why there are very few or no business opportunities for big escort agencies.

How are the rest coping up?

Undoubtedly, the escort scenario is terrible in the current situation, and most sex workers are now victims of human trafficking. Many escort women and girls are nowadays joining spa and beauty parlours to provide service and survive. The good this is now sex workers are diversified across cities and engaged in different sectors.


Leading towards a different future

Undoubtedly, most sex workers are in their profession to earn goods than labourers, but it’s hard for them to survive in pandemic situations. The good thing is that after the COVID lockdown, many NGOs are helping sex workers and providing alternative employment opportunities in other professions.

Many sex workers want to go to their homes but can’t afford a ticket, and many NGOs are helping them and sending them home.

Some still get customers

Some sex workers are bound to involve in their profession as there are no other options for them. Some are still getting customers, but the good thing is those clients have to undergo temperature checks and screening for any COVID symptoms before availing of the service. Undoubtedly, sex workers are very much aware of this deadly virus and take required cautions before providing service. They use sanitizers and all required precautions to avoid the COVID virus.

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These sex workers usually take care of their health and provide service smoothly under COVID regulations. They undergo regular health checks up and are also vaccinated. For them, many NGOs are also providing free medical check-ups and treatment and isolation processes if any of them found COVID positive.


Final words

Undoubtedly, the escort industry and sex workers are highly affected during the pandemic; However, the lockdown has lifted recently; still, they are struggling to earn money as professional sex workers. No doubt government is helping such people and providing food and other necessary items for them still, sex workers are now in a big problem and not sure about their future. No doubt the after COVID situation will not be the same as before, but let’s see how they are doing in the future.

What do you think?


Written by Lana Vrz